Hi there!

I’m Kelly.

Poet. Traveler. Flaneuse. Book-lover. Aspiring urbanite.

Welcome to my site!

I’m a freelance writer based in Cleveland with 5 years of experience editing, reporting for newspapers and creating content both for print and websites. I’m a graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and have my Master’s in Irish Writing from Trinity College Dublin.

Presently, I’m the in-house writer and content strategist at The Impact Group, a public relations agency that works with businesses, school districts and local government entities. I’m also the copy editor of Coworker.com’s blog. Beyond tackling the blog’s grammar, I write features for Coworker on a monthly basis (which I love, since the topics are usually travel-based)! I contribute on occasion to Grammarly and generate articles on healthcare and nonprofit topics for an accounting group. Lastly, I am a remote editor for international marketing agency Palladous, preparing articles for publication on every subject under the sun—from the risks of cryptocurrency to the benefits of reading.

I’ve contributed articles in a range of other publications, including The Irish Times, Trinity College Dublin’s Trinity News, and Saint Mary’s College’s The Courier. You can find a full list of clips in my portfolio.

Even further right-brain, I’ve published poetry in a number of literary journals mostly in Ireland, such as The Honest Ulsterman, Banshee, College Green, and Icarus. 

Last but not least, I’m also copy editing a full-length fiction project for a local author in Cleveland. For a full list of the writing services I provide, click here.



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