5 Benefits of a Collaborative Environment

Kelly Konya Freelance Writer Coworker

[Published on Coworker.com, August 22, 2017
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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

When we envision a typical workplace, we think of an office with plain white walls, an overflow of post-it notes, and plenty of divisive cubicles. Employees oftentimes feel the pressures of deadlines and the need to compete with their coworkers. In this sort of environment, there is no room for working together and creating an efficient, functional team.

But this is the old workplace structure. Today, companies realize the benefits of interpersonal balance, resulting in work environments that promote both collaboration amongst coworkers and the opportunity to have individual time to complete personal tasks. With the ability to share information quickly, individuals who engage in collaboration are more likely to succeed. A study by leadership company Fierce, Inc. cited that 86% of the employees claim a lack of preparation for workplace failures. It is no secret that teamwork directly impacts and enhances performance.

But what about those of us who work from home or have remote positions? No matter the job, nomadic workers like freelancers or members of startups will attest to the power of connection.  Finding a network of like-minded people in a collaborative workspace can lead to meaningful work and a range of dynamic benefits.

Benefit #1: Inspires Creativity

People who work in remote settings often have to be creative to stay ahead on their projects. Most of the time, creativity is the lone factor that leads to some of the best and most groundbreaking results. And while many creative types can usually tap into their innovative frame of mind whenever it’s needed, brainstorming alone isn’t always ideal.

Coming together in a collaborative workspace is a better way to foster creativity and learning. When people connect in a shared environment, collective brainstorming thrives. Even if we are used to working on your own, having other individuals in the room may help us to seek out new perspectives. If we are stuck or unsure where to go with a project, don’t suffer through it alone. Instead, ask questions and gain insight from other people. Hearing other opinions can encourage enthusiasm for our own ideas—which in turn allows creativity to reach new bounds.

Kelly Konya Freelance Writer Coworker

Benefit #2: Furthers an Individual’s Goals

Setting personal goals is extremely important to success as a remote worker. Working towards deadlines and finding the motivation to handle every nitty-gritty detail can be challenging. But in a collaborative environment, there is plenty of room for individual empowerment.

The truth is, completing individual goals is better when there are other people around to partake in the positive consequences of a job well done. Sharing our goals with other people will make us more inclined to complete them. Identifying and discussing goals in a truthful and effective way will help us to hold ourselves accountable and accomplish each step. Plus, we can praise our fellow workers for their successes, infusing positive energy into the “office.”

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Kelly is a freelance writer and poet native to Cleveland, Ohio.

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