Tips for Monetizing Your Travel Blog

[Published on’s blog on March 26, 2018. Link to full article here.] f you’re reading this, you probably love to travel. With the ever-growing digital nomad population taking over the entrepreneurial sphere, people around the globe are increasingly able to work remotely which directly translates to more travel time. Since more employees are working remotelyContinue reading “Tips for Monetizing Your Travel Blog”

Why Collaboration is Good for the Soul

 [Published on, March 21, 2018 Link to full article here.] At, we value collaboration above almost every other characteristic of a working environment. In our dynamic, diverse world, there is a greater need for new attitudes towards the way employees work together. As more people work remotely and turn to a digital nomad lifestyle, theContinue reading “Why Collaboration is Good for the Soul”

How to Write Effectively for Your Business

[Published on’s blog on February 28, 2017 Link to full article here.] We all want to sound brilliant when we write. When we think of good writing, many of us will usually consider “using big words” to be a key part of an impressive review or article. We may think that long, developed sentencesContinue reading “How to Write Effectively for Your Business”

Goodbye Vacation Days! Here’s How to Pitch a Work Holiday to Your Boss

[Published on, January 18, 2018 Link to full article here.] It’s okay to admit it: you’re still bogged down by set vacation days, paid-time-off, and other limitations of your work schedule that keep you from traveling. You may sit there and wonder how you can manage to set out on new adventures in excitingContinue reading “Goodbye Vacation Days! Here’s How to Pitch a Work Holiday to Your Boss”

5 Benefits of a Collaborative Environment

[Published on, August 22, 2017 Link to full article here.] “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford When we envision a typical workplace, we think of an office with plain white walls, an overflow of post-it notes, and plenty of divisive cubicles. Employees oftentimes feel the pressures ofContinue reading “5 Benefits of a Collaborative Environment”