Travel Writer, Auschwitz: “I remained ashamedly stoic, wondering ‘why did we come here?’”

[Published by the Irish Times, June 27, 2015 Link to full article here.] As we exited the railway station, the abandoned buildings and lots spread a sensation of musk and gloom throughout the air. The pebbles bouncing along my suede lace-up boots were so dusty, it was as if they hadn’t been kicked in years. I knewContinue reading “Travel Writer, Auschwitz: “I remained ashamedly stoic, wondering ‘why did we come here?’””

5 Benefits of a Collaborative Environment

[Published on, August 22, 2017 Link to full article here.] “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford When we envision a typical workplace, we think of an office with plain white walls, an overflow of post-it notes, and plenty of divisive cubicles. Employees oftentimes feel the pressures ofContinue reading “5 Benefits of a Collaborative Environment”

Release Salinger’s Manuscripts!

[Published by Trinity News, January 27, 2016 Link to full article here.] Another year has gone by and Salinger’s unpublished works remain a mystery to the public; how long will his literary estate keep this up? And is posthumous publication ever really unjustifiable? Imagine this: it’s 2005 and J.D. Salinger is seated in his small shed nestledContinue reading “Release Salinger’s Manuscripts!”

What This Nobel in Literature Really Means

[Published by Trinity News, October 28, 2015 Link to full article here.] When Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich won the Nobel Prize in Literature last week, I immediately received word of the achievement from a friend on Twitter. She tweeted to me, “LIT JOURNO NOBEL!!!” to which I replied, “AND A WOMAN!!!” To say the least, we wereContinue reading “What This Nobel in Literature Really Means”